Empowered Foreigner is a resource center founded on the hope that immigrants to the US will find a home here by having access to the many tools needed to be prosperous.

The sad truth is that many immigrants to the US suffer in silence, fear for their freedoms, and often barely make enough money to make ends meet, much less be able to afford school or to save for a comfortable future.

Empowered Foreigner aims to be part of the change for the betterment of foreigners living in the US regardless of where they are from.

The United States was founded on principles of freedom unlike any other country. It doesn’t necessarily mean the US is the freest country, but it does mean that freedom is among the most valued tenets of American culture, and that freedom is not something that immigrants and foreigners should be excluded from. But in order to enjoy the “American Dream,” there are a lot of considerations for foreigners that native-born Americans don’t really have to think about.

Speaking English well, understanding American culture and its various subcultures—especially the ones in which you live or are close to, being able to confidently communicate your ideas and thoughts, and getting comfortable outside of your immediate family and culture are just some of the things necessary to be successful in the US.

Empowered Foreigner is designed to offer you advice and information as well as access to programs that can help reduce stress and better equip you to be successful. A directory of schools, job listings in your area, information about programs and groups in your area, and ways for you to reach out to one another across our social media platforms, blog, Google Hangout and more.

Empowered Foreigner will focus on important topics like how to write an effective resume, how to translate work experience from other countries into presentable data for interviews, how to reduce your accent in English, and how to deliver a speech or presentation with confidence.

We’ll also keep you up to date on the important news about immigration and other newsworthy topics that pertain to the world of being a foreigner in the US.

Our desire is for you to feel welcome and at home in the US, but beyond that, for you to understand that your freedom here means you’re allowed to be successful on your terms, whatever that means to you. In the land of opportunity, being empowered means being able to seize those opportunities even when there are obstacles in your way. Empowered Foreigner wants to help you move past such obstacles and enjoy your freedom, your family, your career, and your life in the US.