Are You an Effective Communicator in English?

effective communication for esl students pronunciation and accent reductionCommunication is key to success in school, the workplace, and everyday life. Effective communication can help individuals better understand a person or situation, and can build trust and respect where creative ideas and problem solving can flourish. Learning how to effectively communicate in English as a non-native speaker, is critical to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to conflict and frustration both personally and professionally. When trying to pursue an educational or professional career with English-speaking peers, learning how to effectively communicate through proper pronunciation is critical.

Effective communication is about more than just exchanging information; it’s about understanding the emotion behind the information. In English, a significant amount of successful communication is placed on knowing where to add emphasis or intent to emotional words in order to help the receiver understand the tone of the message and pick up on what’s important to the sender. Having the ability to add stress to certain words allows a speaker to come off more genuine and relatable to the receiver and can help receivers better understand the message.

Learning English pronunciation is an important part of learning the language itself. There’s often no point in being able to say the right words if the correct message is not transferred properly. In the classroom, not being able to successfully communicate with your classmates can cause setbacks with group projects, peer evaluations, and hinder the ability to effectively be apart of study groups. Likewise, problems can occur within the workplace, with co-workers not able to understand your instructions with assignments or allow you to successfully have your opinions heard in group meetings. Effective communication has also been listed as the number one trait employers look for in applicants, showcasing just how important speaking English clearly is for companies.

Learning proper English pronunciation should be considered just as important as a college class or an assignment for work, as the benefits of speaking English like an American overflow into all aspects of life. By placing importance on learning English pronunciation, you can have confidence in your ability to interact successfully with peers and feel apart of your educational and professional community.