How ObamaCare May Affect Foreigners Working In America

obamacare for foreign studentsFor many international students, now is the perfect time to consider studying or working in America. Within the American university system, the number of state residents that universities can admit and enroll has been limited by state budget cuts to less than 50 percent, allowing an equal amount of international students to be accepted. Mostly for financial reasons, state universities are eager to bring in an increasing amount of foreign students to learn on their campuses. For many international students where budgeting can be an issue, the payoff under possible ObamaCare may make the trek worth it, when the bill becomes law.

The pending bill will expand companies’ growing use of guest workers in non-tech jobs such as financial analysts and foreign pharmacists. Already, many healthcare companies are beginning to hire foreign doctors and therapists, while other companies are hiring marketing experts, graphic designers, accountants and other professionals. For students hoping to become American citizens after working in the US, the Senate bill would also double immigration.

With the rise in international student acceptance rates and the growing chances of landing a career in the field of study for scholars, the idea of studying in America is becoming increasingly alluring for many college hopefuls. For students hoping to study in America however, they must first pass the TOEFL exam.

A four-hour proctored quiz, the TOEFL exam tests students ability to read, write, and comprehend American English, to ensure those studying abroad will be able to understand their professors in the classroom. Working with a certified Speech Pathologist to reduce foreign accent, students can learn how to improve English pronunciation through accent reduction as well as working on key features important to the test, such as studying idioms. Once passed, students are able to apply for both American universities as well as a job in the United States.

If you’re interested in studying in America and want help preparing for the TOEFL exam, or if you’re already an international student that wants additional help, signing up for a free 7-day pronunciation course can help you work in an online setting towards improving English pronunciation. Available 24/7, there are a variety of worksheets and learning tools to ensure you’re better prepared for the TOEFL exam and can help build up your confidence to speak English proudly both in the classroom or on the job hunt.