Back to School: ESL Students Supplement with Pronunciation Pro

back to ESL school and pronunciation classes online for accent reductionWith school back in session, many students will be taking English as a second language (ESL) courses. Learning a new language at any age requires dedication, but for some students, it takes more time and effort than others.

For students who are working on learning English as a second language and can use additional help with achieving correct American English pronunciation, Pronunciation Pro can help.

Pronunciation Pro is an online pronunciation course that allows students to login and have access to accent reduction lectures, worksheets and mp3 files in their free time. Trying to learn how to speak English like an American can leave room for errors in pronunciation to become habitual, and sometimes taking additional classes or tutoring simply doesn’t work with your schedule. In learning English online, students have 24/7 access that will aid them in their journey to perfecting English pronunciation.

Often tutoring can cost around $20 an hour, but for the same price students can have access to Pronunciation Pro for an entire month. We invite you to try a 7-day risk free trial to see how Pronunciation Pro can cater to your learning needs, and continue for as little as a $19.95 a month program that will set you up for success in mastering English pronunciation and increase your confidence speaking to others.

To learn more about Pronunciation Pro and to sign up for a free 7-day trial, click here!